Troup, Texas


I&GN Troup, Texas Depot


International-Great Northern (Missouri Pacific)


Corner Of Farm-To-Market 347 & County Road 1701A - Dialville, Texas

On Original Site:


Currently Used:

Personal Railroad Museum / Storage


Michael G. Ellis - Jacksonville, Texas

Other Notes:

"This station has an interesting story. It was built 100 years ago and has been remodeled three times, the last time in 1976. The man who owns the station was in charge of closing all the stations in the Northeast Texas area when he worked for Missouri Pacific.
He asked his employer if he closed the Troup station that he wanted to buy it and move it. Mo-Pac sold it to him for $500 dollars. It cost him $5000 just to move it to his home in Dialville, Texas , just south of Jacksonville.
It was closed and moved in 1978 to its present site.

The station is in MINT condition. It is extactly the same as it was when it was remodeled in '76. MP even left all the office furniture, light fixtures, station benches and even all important railroad papers and timetables in the building. Also, if you notice in the pictures, even the "TROUP" station signs and Mo-Pac buzzsaw hearlds are still on the station."

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I&GN Troup, Texas Depot I&GN Troup, Texas Depot I&GN Troup, Texas Depot I&GN Troup, Texas Depot